Long-time industry professionals dating back to the late 80’s, we’ve led the charge with telecom e-procurement, powering the business-to-business wireless e-commerce systems for major wireless carriers. Our leadership team includes former wireless dealers, CIOs, big bank presidents and senior management who oversaw wireless fleets for major enterprises for over 20 years.

Specializing in the ordering and fulfillment process early on gave us unique insight into the challenges of businesses and governments. Today’s more common approach to wireless and IoT focuses on IT initiatives and telecom expense management. Yet large organizations continue to struggle operationally with the end-to-end challenge of wireless.

Today’s high-touch managed mobility services are too expensive for most organizations leaving them without a proper operations approach and set of policies that can be shared across the enterprise. This led us to create Simplify Wireless and our approach to helping large organizations to help themselves.

Our team delivers best practices and policies that keep the wireless and IoT ecosystem healthy, we work to eliminate waste and ensure that the entire organization beats to the same drum.

Operating a large wireless and IoT fleet doesn’t have to be overly expensive or complicated when you have the right approach.

Simplify Wireless focuses on helping large organizations and governments to properly operate their wireless and iot fleets through four key pillars: hardware cost management, wireless bill reconciliation and optimization, workflow automation and operational efficiency

Clients see a near immediate reduction in complexity and costs after adopting our approach

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