Wireless operations management is very complicated and it's extremely important to any large organization to ensure that the wireless process is organized, well documented and working properly otherwise it's a sinkhole of waste.

Every device costs money and it's no small price tag. It's either paid for upfront or the costs are burried in the wireless contract. Unused or improplery deployed wireless and data accounts create excessive monthly waste, and lack of visibility causes early cancellation fees in one department while another is activating new accounts. Finding people to properly operate a wireless fleet, especially one with thousands of smartphones, tablets and IoT devices isn't easy and they are quickly lost without a proper system in place to oversee day-to-day operations.

Companies have turned to TEM (telecom expense management) to help uncover waste in the monthly bill, but this is reactive and only skims the surface. The real waste piles up with expensive under-utilized devices, and the countless manhours spent each month trying to manually organize and reconcile everything and account for the expenses through billing analytics reports. Frankly, it's just too much to expect administrators to manually keep track of everything, deal with internal requests, learn and remember operations processes, interact with vendors for pricing, changes and issues and communicate with peers in other offices to ensure that devices and wireless accounts are reused as opposed to replaced.

The Simplify Wireless team provides the planning, re-organization, implementation and training for the systems, processes, and policies that will dramatically lower your overall wireless expenses by as much as 40%. They will help you to automate most of the day-to-day work and free up resources to properly oversee operations. Get it right and start saving your organization a bundle today.

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